COVID-19 Pandemic Policies

The following is an outline of company policies regarding our procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Any questions you may have regarding our services and new installations will be answered here.

1. We are an essential service. As such, we will maintain our existing customers with the high-quality services they have come to expect from us.

2. Our technicians will avoid entering premises, if at all possible. Existing clients can access troubleshooting tips (on our support page).

3. New service installations have been halted. No new service installations will be performed until a widely available treatment for COVID-19 is available. Even as an essential service, we are not required to put our employee’s health at risk.

4. Any work that our company will be performing is maintenance, repairs and upgrades. If we are working in your area, be assured we are not performing new installations.

5. Our company may undertake network expansion(s) during the pandemic. Expansion(s), if undertaken, will be done so we can improve existing services and to connect new clients AFTER the pandemic threat has passed.

6. If you wish to get connected AFTER the pandemic threat has passed, please contact us via our contact form.

We will resume new installations once the pandemic threat has passed.

Howard Small
President/CEO Crave Technologies Ltd DBA Proximity Fiber