Proximity Fiber is High-Speed Internet for Rural Canada

Rural Fiber-to-the-Home

Proximity Fiber is currently deployed on the island of Grand Manan providing high-speed internet that vastly outpaces all other available options. Get in touch now to sign up or for more details.

Unique Technology and Design

Proximity Fiber is based on a unique fiber deployment system designed specifically for success in rural environments. Unlike traditional fiber designs, our system allows for rapid deployment and full speed for all clients.

15km of Fiberoptic Cable

Robust Network Infrastructure

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Fiber Slack Loop

Fiber Construction Crew

Splicing Trailer

View From Up High

Proximity Fiber aims to be your preferred internet provider, featuring:

  • High Speed Internet for Rural Communities
  • Friendly Local Service
  • Modern fiberoptic infrastructure
  • Aggressive expansion plans to expand coverage and services

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