Frequently Asked Questions

Proximity Fiber is a new fiber-to-the-home internet service designed, developed and delivered by Crave Technologies Ltd. Building on a decade of experience in the wireless internet industry and deep understanding of the needs of rural communities, Proximity Fiber aims to deliver service and speeds that are on par or better than what is available in urban markets.
Yes, customer installations on Grand Manan in the North Head area started in May 2019.
No. FibreOp is an internet service by Bell Aliant that is focused on urban centers only. Proximity Fiber is new internet service, 100% designed, developed and deployed by Crave Technologies. Unlike other fiberoptic internet services, Proximity Fiber is specifically designed for rural areas which are typically underserved by major telecom providers.
Our phase 1 deployment is on Grand Manan Island.
Our phase 1 deployment covers portions of North Head running from Pettes Cove to Dock Road with an additional extension running up the lower part of Whistle Road. Phase 2 construction was completed in autumn 2019 and further extends our coverage area down Route 776 from Dock Road to Ingalls Head Road.
Yes. We are actively pursing oppportunities to bring Proximity Fiber service to other areas not only in Charlotte County but throughout the Martimes. We are not able to share any specifics at this time but if you live in an area that is underserved by major providers, get in touch to register your vote to bring Proximity Fiber to your region.
Use our contact form to send us a message. Please provide your address, telephone number and email address so we can verify we have coverage in your area and get in touch with you when we are ready to connect you to our service.
Our contact page has complete details on how you can reach us. Give us a call, send us email, or submit your questions on our contact form and we'll get back to you right away.
See our troubleshooting page. It lists a sequence of steps you can take to make sure your connection is working.